Haiti Mission – 2018

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Benitho is graduating from Bible School this May, 2018!

Until I can visit him in person, and see his efforts firsthand, I cannot officially ask for any financial support for his efforts. I do believe that the Lord has put him on my heart to encourage and to pray…

I am asking you to pray for him and to visit his site here. He is reporting good things as he helps the orphans in his community, but needs help as soon as we can make something happen. He says many still need clothes, food and medicine. Educational materials will be helpful as he has established a small school hut for the orphans in his village.

Please keep Benitho and his ministry to Haitian orphans in your prayers. We are monitoring the Alerts coming from the State Department on the safety for my first upcoming trip (dates withheld). We are praying about our endeavors to help him provide a safe environment for his community.

Meanwhile, if Haiti is on your heart, and you wish to give this young minister some help he desperately needs, please donate to the fact finding mission trip here. This trip will involve meeting Benitho and his family, the orphans, the church(es) he is assisting and preparing a report and plans to move forward efficiently.

In a few short months God has used us to radically change the outcome of a large group of people in rural Uganda, improving their living conditions, education, churches and orphanage care. We have fed hundreds upon hundreds and continue to move toward our goal of many thousands progressing toward the ultimate goal: a healthy, sustainable and self sufficient Christian Community in the Northern and Eastern regions of Uganda.

As we continue to gain momentum in Uganda, we would like to begin this effort in Benitho’s region of Haiti, as well.

I thank you in advance and ask for your prayers that God would grant me wisdom.

Rev. Shaun A. Hays

Spring Update 2018

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Hello! I have so much to add to this site but let’s review quickly, shall we?

  1. The financial status of the Orphanage project is up to date and the property owner is allowing us to pay on the 1st of every month which is a huge answer to prayer during these months of transition and planning. The children still need $125.00 per month for housing and we are asking for additional $200 per month for food/clean water/medicine, and other basic needs.
  2. We have found a perfect place for the main ministry operations and are excited to see how God has opened this door to us. The new headquarters will be in Kampala, the capital which is central to all things and will serve as our ministry’s Bishop’s office. It is a gated property that will be safe for many people. It will serve as the main church for our ministry in Kampala. It has good parking area for those with vehicles. It also has nursery and classrooms for up to 300 school children. We hope to one day soon staff this location with teachers for young people and provide Bible Schooling for young ministers. There are residences there which will also house 4 more impoverished ministers and their families, which is perfect, since Bishop Hallan will need those ministers there to help. The facilities has running water, toilets, and electricity too! We are securing all of this for $500.00 a month!! Yes the offices, the classrooms, the plumbing and toilets the electricity the residences and … oh! Did I mention the gated outdoor playground? We have secured pledges for half of the monthly costs. We are looking for pledges to help us get the next $250 a month. Any amount will be incredibly helpful and you will be a part of an amazing miracle for these wonderful souls!

Monthly donations can be set up here or write me to pledge monthly checks etc.

3. We will be taking donations for Bibles and glasses for our Ugandan Bush pastors who need the Word of God in their own language – many don’t have ANY WRITTEN BIBLE at all right now. Some have poor eyesight and these two things together will be transforming for them and their villages. If this is your heart, please help us reach our Spring goal of $300 toward this goal today! Once we reach this goal, we will assess the next group of ministers needs and address it then. We are actively conversing with the builders of a new Bible college in Uganda as well, to see how we can partner with them for our ministers continued educational needs.

Monthly donations can be set up here or write me to pledge monthly checks etc.

February – True Love

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Thank you to all who donated to keep Bishop Hallan’s Orphanage open. We are currently in possession of 2017s bill that reads “Paid in Full”- Hallelujah!

I (Rev. Shaun Hays ) am lobbying for Uganda’s Hungry children. I just returned from an exhaustive trip where I toured the work ongoing by native pastors. The need is great and we have a long road, but our dollars are truly make big changes there.

This is what I call TRUE LOVE!

Currently we are helping Bishop Hallan meet the most urgent needs to feed the orphans at Ebenezer Orphanage and several rural schools in Pallisa District of Rural Uganda. Total funds needed immediately to pay the total Orphanage rent for 2018 is only $1120.00 – and then we will be done and able to work toward other goals!

Even a few dollars is a good donation. In fact, the entire back rent for 2017 was paid by small donations in only a few weeks time. We are already moving forward and energized to get past this last hurdle.

The rent is typically paid up front in this region unlike in the USA where we pay month to month.

Once we have 2018 paid and receipt in hand, we will continue with basic needs (Water, Food, medicine) and the second Stage of our efforts for Bishop Hallan.

Christmas Update!!

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Only $200 to full goal of getting 2017 PAID IN FULL!!! Hallelujah!

Thank you all for helping and for your continued prayers. God is faithful and we are praying for more blessings over you all!! – Shaun and Faith Hays

Orphanage Update! (original Dec21)

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Dec 21 – Thank you thank you thank you! We have been able to keep our precious children where they are for a while longer and have pleased the landlord by sending some of the owed money for 2017. Today we are transferring more to Hallan.

In total we have raised $900!

We need an additional $400 to get this Christmas miracle D-O-N-E.

please donate any amount to get us to this project out of the way so we can refocus our efforts on getting water,food and medicine. After that we can update our site to…

Stage 2: We are needing $100 pledges per month to cover the Orphanage payments in 2018.


Video Of my trip 2017

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I am currently working to make the communication of my trip and efforts in Uganda simple, but it is anything but, so Im asking patience.

I do not have a staff or a headquarters with video editing tools, so im doing it all online etc. – Here is a preview of what is to come: PREVIEW MOVIE


First two projects are up!

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I happy to give you opportunities to help with some projects that you may be able to fix or at least contribute toward during this season. Big steps are being made to fix the long term but we NEED to do these first. I’ll be posting more every few days, so if these don’t stir you to help, just wait something is coming. All I ask is that you find one to back in some way before Dec 20th so we can report how much we have raised before Christmas Day. Thank you so much!!

Posts coming soon.

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I had little connectivity while in Uganda. I’ll be posting more soon but had to leave directly for Arizona for school speeches.

Thank you all for your concern and prayers as i have been traveling and for taking care to look after my family. The trip left me near speechless, but I will post pics and stories etc very soon.

God bless you for all your help!