Continued victories

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Since our meager efforts began nearly 3 yrs ago, we have seen landmark successes and the hand of God moving on the behalf of our Uganda Orphanage and widows project.

The lives of 125 children were about to end unless we stepped in to help. By this time, 3 yrs later, only 17 would be alive had the statistics stayed the same. Factor in the difficulties added by global pandemic and you can bet that number would be closer to 0.

That’s 125 innocent, orphaned children forgotten by the world and gone from the earth.

AIDS, Cholera, Malaria, starvation, simple injuries resulting in infections and diseases water sources were taking their toll.

Thank God you stepped up and helped! We stemmed the tide of death, gave them new housing, gave them food and clean water… and added to their numbers!

255 orphans and 80+ impoverished widows now have hope and a future thanks to you and Jesus’ love.

We are now beginning phase II

Exciting things are underway and more ways to help are coming!

Click the link above to see the sustainability projects we have underway and what is coming up that you can help with!