Major unrest effects Orphanage

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While we have had plenty of unrest in the US, and that certainly has effected donations to the orphanage… unrest in Uganda has become a truly dangerous situation for these already desperate ones.

Hello friends! I’m coming back to the blog because social media has become less than ideal for me lately. I will be closing some major accounts before spring, so, if you want to keep in the news of Ebenezer orphanage and the KM Ministry Group efforts across eastern Uganda, please subscribe and follow this blog. I will find new places to share in the future that will work for everyone.

During the recent Ugandan election, many lives were brutally lost… the military was dispatched in many public places to keep people off the streets. The use of teargas effected us directly, as our orphans were subjected to this needless punishment within our orphanage walls. One child was tragically killed.

We are comforted that our fallen Christian loved ones in Uganda are now with Jesus Christ, our Lord, free from pain and suffering. What joy they must be experiencing in His presence!

Several of our ministry leaders have had training with treating the effects of teargas, so they assisted Bishop Hallan Otim throughout the crisis to relieve the children.

It has become evident that our communications and financial connection to Bishop Hallan can be interrupted by political movements on both sides of the globe. We have been training for this by supplying sustenance farming techniques etc, and we must continue to do so.

Please continue to pray for all our ministry leaders here in the USA and our precious leadership in East Uganda that our Biblical service to the least of these may continue.

If you wish to help with financial gifts that will go toward housing and basic food needs for the orphans and widows in our ministry care, please click on the link below. You may also specify financial gifts toward buying a vehicle, medical needs, or other issues close to your heart.


We have taken a pledge to fund all operating expenses ourselves so that every dollar donated by you is sent directly to the Uganda Ministry of Bishop Hallan Otim for aid to the Orphans, widows (and also basic needs of our pastors families should the funding exceed rent and food for the orphanage).

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$10 /month feeds and shelters five

$100 /month feeds and shelters 50

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