Uganda One 2023!

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Hello everyone! If you haven’t visited us at First Christian Church Aurora, IL please drop by on Sunday, 10 Am for worship and the Word! We love you and are grateful to partner with you for Uganda One 2023!

Uganda Mission 2023

“They are all hungry. They are all beautiful. They are all alone …save one man.”

Imagine you are are cut off from the whole world in a desolate place where kind hearts willing to make a difference cannot go.

Imagine knowing that your own mother tossed you in the trash when you were a baby so you were raised by religious radicals and taught to hate. Imagine finding the love of Jesus as you became a man and wanting to share it with everyone. Now imagine that those who saved you from the trash are now trying to hurt and kill you. Every time you start a new church of believers under a thatch roof, they come and burn it. They drag you to prison and pay the guards to beat you daily until you reject your belief in Jesus.

Imagine knowing that others half way around the globe want to help but cannot.

This is the story of Bishop Otim and we at First Christian Church are privileged to be a part of his redemption story!

Uganda One 2023 is the partnerships formed after 5 years of labor together to establish the work already underway by the man I consider to be my son in the Lord Jesus, Bishop Hallan Otim.

In 2017 the Leadership of KMMG partnered with me to help legitimize the Bishop in his nation after nearly 19 years of work. Last year First Christian Church joined us and now in 2023, we are excited to welcome Covenant Christian School, Aurora, IL to the effort!

Here is the overview: the children of CCS will bring in dollars for the freedom to wear jeans on Fridays. The money from this will go directly to feed and house our Orphans in Palissa Uganda under the Bishops care. We currently have around 350 children at the orphanage from only a few months old to age 13.

It only takes us 2-3 US dollars to feed and house one orphan in our facility per month. So if a child brings one dollar in every Friday, two children will be fed and housed that month! Imagine if it were that easy to feed and house our own!

If you are a parent of a student at CCS, know that we will not take a penny out of that, but all the money goes directly to the care of the orphans.

Please read on for more information or talk to myself or a staff member at FCC or CCS.

We can use much more help.

Pastor Shaun Hays in Uganda with the children of Palissa district – Many of these children are ones we assist with food and live at our orphanage.

Bishop Hallan Otim lives and works with people in remote bush villages in eastern Uganda where poverty’s hold has made the people hopeless and desperate. Children roam the footpaths with no food, no water, and no one to take them in, …parents dead from famine and disease.

In 2017, Pastor Shaun heeded a “Macedonian-call“ from the Ugandan Rev. Hallan Otim who had been praying for connection to a scripturally solid ministry, to learn from, and partner with, in the United States.

The ministry of Rev. Hallan Otim is serious and manifold in many remote areas of Uganda where Bibles are scarce, and basic human needs are even more so. He had, (by 2017), with Gods help, single-handedly started over 50 bush churches and continually visits these remote villages, often on foot if he could not find a bicycle to borrow.

After nearly a year of remote relationship building, Rev. Shaun Hays, flew to Entebbe, Uganda to travel with Rev Hallan eastward to remote villages and witness the stories firsthand.

“I was astonished at the widespread poverty while still in the international cities of Entebbe and Kampala, but as you travel further East, it is clear there are even fewer opportunities and hopelessness abounds.”

Typical scene as I travelled from one village to another with Bishop Hallan et al. Many gatherings were just a hut or two made of termite mud and dried reeds for a roof.

“The continuing ministry of Rev Hallan is built around Scripture:

“James 1:26-27

26 If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man’s religion is vain. 27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.”

I have never witnessed a more literal undertaking of scripture and such a committed group of ministers in all my travels. The ministry Rev. Otim has established in eastern Uganda is convicting. I have so much to learn from them!”

While the ministers are very committed and enthusiastically carrying the Gospel to remote villages, they acknowledge their lack of training and are seeking more ministry resources from us. This involves: Bibles, writings, and educational lesson plans in English and their various tribal languages.

However, Rev Hays witnessed a greater, more immediate need during his travels with Rev Hallan to several sites.

“Upon arrival to the Ebenezer Orphanage, I learned that no one sponsors this place. No group sends money. The government ignores their need. Rev Hallan, thru fasting and prayer alone, finds small amounts of food and (less than pure) water to bring. A handful of volunteers tend to well over 100 children at this site with no mattresses, no medical attention, no clean water source and often not enough food. Many of the children under the age of 5 had Cholera, Malaria or even HIV/AIDS. They are all hungry. They are all beautiful. They are all alone …save one man.”

Until now.

We have joined the efforts of Rev. Hallan to change the way he is able to minister to the needs of these children and continue to partner with he and his ministers in these remote villages.

In the last month of 2017, we put out the plea to help the Ebenezer Orphans, calling this partnership “Uganda One”, as it was our first priority in Uganda. Our precious friends responded and we raised enough money to pay the years’ back rent on the property, and to give the Children and workers a Christmas Feast! We were also able to get some critical medical attention to some of the children!

In 2018, we raised funds to pay monthly rent and get food, clean water delivery and firewood at the orphanage and found a new central office of operations for Rev Hallan (now an officially recognized Bishop!) This was needed to coordinate his efforts throughout six districts. We provided a safe haven for Muslim converts to receive discipleship, an educational center with playground for ministers’ kids and residences with plumbing and electricity for five of the poorest newly ordained ministers’ families. We provided smart phones and a tablet for the ministry and best of all…

We were able to get emergency medical care for Bishop Hallan’s youngest daughter, “Blessing Otim” when she contracted Malaria and they were quickly losing her.

Hallan continued to travel to see widows, pray with them and bring them food. He visited the orphanage at Ebenezer and several schools that have taken in some our orphans. He brought food, when he is able, to help the schools as they teach our future Ugandan Christian leaders.

At this point we have seen the weekly loss of orphaned children to malnutrition, dehydration and diseases all but STOPPED! Praise God!

Among many of the great stories we now have, B Hallan Otim has been conducting ongoing training conferences for up to 60 associated ministers with our materials, and has many ministers from other groups clamoring to join.

The lovely people in our churches/ministries in Uganda continuously tell us that they are praying and fasting for us and all the donors who remember them with their financial gifts.

First Christian Church Aurora IL is now partnering with Bishop Hallan Otim. The people of his churches are praying for us. They want God to bless us and to grow our ministry. They want us healthy and close to God. They pray in very intense prayer meetings for God to do miracles in our lives and our community.

They are asking for our help to make this vision of Bishop Hallan Otim a reality:

-that his orphans and widows would know that someone in America loves them and prays for them. That all his ministers families would have health and that there would be food to give the hungry. That their ministry could have a car someday and that their children will know God.

We don’t think that’s too much to ask.

We are dedicated to non-toxic missions efforts that will help our people in Uganda become self sustainable. We have a goal of replicating this throughout Africa and the world, but we are at a crucial moment this year.

B. Hallan is a super great minister who’s helping so many hurting people without enough money to get the job done right.

We’d love to see his efforts rewarded and increased every year. By end of 2024, we want to see full sponsorship of every Ebenezer orphan, a jobs training program, a vehicle for the ministers to share, portable PA and music outreach, and a fresh well dug for clean water wherever they need it most.

and every little bit helps-

In fact, the very smallest amount … really does help and Pastor Shaun and Faith makes sure every single penny gets to them by covering all administrative expenses out of our own pockets.

How can I Help?

The most effective way you can help is by a faithful monthly donation. Small, regular giving from many, helps more than a large one time gift.

Give to the Ebenezer Orphanage

$2 per month – $24 per year

One orphan – food, water and housing for the month.

$7 per month – $84

One orphan – food, housing, clean water, clothes, educational opportunities and a mattress to sleep on!

$15 per month – $180

Your donation provides them all this, plus special medical attention as many are susceptible to diseases.

You can choose – orphan – widow

Bishop Hallan Otim speaks with Pastor “Papa” Shaun on a video call. Thanks to donations, he has a phone and connection to the internet to run the ministry more efficiently.

You can sponsor a Native Ugandan Minister and his family like Bishop Hallan Otim or his many young pastors. $555/ year will provide them with some much needed materials for ministry training, food and housing for their family. If you ask, we will provide you with photos and other special ways to connect to these ministers.

One of our many Pastors who are in great need, yet full of faith, and gratitude for all God has done for them!
Bishop Hallan Otim (in Red) pastor Shaun (to his right) and two of our ministers who helped me navigate the bush areas of eastern Uganda. This tree is the only church meeting place for many new Christians in one area we are reaching. Thanks to our donors we have several new structures that help keep several churches out of the sun and rain during worship. Praise God!

Join us Easter Sunday !

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Hello everyone! I miss you all. Let me be brief and Invite you out to First Christian Church in Aurora Illinois for Easter Celebration.

(635 N Randall rd, Aurora, IL)

I will be ministering and doing art as well! We will have communion during the service. I am not sure if childcare is offered but the whole service is going to be an hour or less. The salvation message will be given and we will celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus!

I look forward to seeing many of the beautiful family of God gather with us!

Major unrest effects Orphanage

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While we have had plenty of unrest in the US, and that certainly has effected donations to the orphanage… unrest in Uganda has become a truly dangerous situation for these already desperate ones.

Hello friends! I’m coming back to the blog because social media has become less than ideal for me lately. I will be closing some major accounts before spring, so, if you want to keep in the news of Ebenezer orphanage and the KM Ministry Group efforts across eastern Uganda, please subscribe and follow this blog. I will find new places to share in the future that will work for everyone.

During the recent Ugandan election, many lives were brutally lost… the military was dispatched in many public places to keep people off the streets. The use of teargas effected us directly, as our orphans were subjected to this needless punishment within our orphanage walls. One child was tragically killed.

We are comforted that our fallen Christian loved ones in Uganda are now with Jesus Christ, our Lord, free from pain and suffering. What joy they must be experiencing in His presence!

Several of our ministry leaders have had training with treating the effects of teargas, so they assisted Bishop Hallan Otim throughout the crisis to relieve the children.

It has become evident that our communications and financial connection to Bishop Hallan can be interrupted by political movements on both sides of the globe. We have been training for this by supplying sustenance farming techniques etc, and we must continue to do so.

Please continue to pray for all our ministry leaders here in the USA and our precious leadership in East Uganda that our Biblical service to the least of these may continue.

If you wish to help with financial gifts that will go toward housing and basic food needs for the orphans and widows in our ministry care, please click on the link below. You may also specify financial gifts toward buying a vehicle, medical needs, or other issues close to your heart.


We have taken a pledge to fund all operating expenses ourselves so that every dollar donated by you is sent directly to the Uganda Ministry of Bishop Hallan Otim for aid to the Orphans, widows (and also basic needs of our pastors families should the funding exceed rent and food for the orphanage).

$2 /month feeds and shelters one

$10 /month feeds and shelters five

$100 /month feeds and shelters 50

Donate here

Continued victories

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Since our meager efforts began nearly 3 yrs ago, we have seen landmark successes and the hand of God moving on the behalf of our Uganda Orphanage and widows project.

The lives of 125 children were about to end unless we stepped in to help. By this time, 3 yrs later, only 17 would be alive had the statistics stayed the same. Factor in the difficulties added by global pandemic and you can bet that number would be closer to 0.

That’s 125 innocent, orphaned children forgotten by the world and gone from the earth.

AIDS, Cholera, Malaria, starvation, simple injuries resulting in infections and diseases water sources were taking their toll.

Thank God you stepped up and helped! We stemmed the tide of death, gave them new housing, gave them food and clean water… and added to their numbers!

255 orphans and 80+ impoverished widows now have hope and a future thanks to you and Jesus’ love.

We are now beginning phase II

Exciting things are underway and more ways to help are coming!

Click the link above to see the sustainability projects we have underway and what is coming up that you can help with!

Precious in the sight of the Lord

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Today we are grateful for the gift we have had to partner with Bishop Hallan in taking care of an 83 yr old widow for the last few years.

Sadly she has passed. We rejoice in her homecoming and know that she is no longer bound to the chains of this world and it’s limitations. We know Gods Word says that not one sparrow falls to the ground without Him taking note. ” precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints” surely God in Heaven is noting those who have assisted her when she had absolutely nothing to give back.

Today I thank God for your help in sending all our widows food and needed medicine as well as a visit from the humble Man of God who blesses them when he comes.

I have seen the joy in their faces to receive him into their home to pray and worship together.

The victories continue!

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Quick post:

Hallelujah! We have secured a new facility for the orphans of Ebenezer which will now give them access to clean water, good rooms, concrete floors, closer proximity to all things they need by roads and even electrical service from the pole next to the building (when we raise enough). We will be staffing a full school at the facility and bringing some of our orphans from other locations. Our expenses will indeed go up but we are getting a priceless return! This was our goal for Ebenezer Orphanage in the Palissa district of Uganda nearly 2 years ago. God is faithful!

However, we typically are $400-500 short of our promised donations, so my wife and I make up the majority of that from personal finances. We cannot keep doing that. It is hurting us. We really need more of you to be faithful in the small things and keep the consistency of monthly giving. We also need some special gifts. Right now we need $200 for some food supplies at the new Orphanage and someone to do an amazing thing to transform the ministry altogether… our bishop is asking for an old used motorcycle to make the journeys with bags of food.

Save Asio! She needs to LIVE and I need your help!!

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I’ve done all I can do without your help.

A widow is in desperate medical need and it will be the third loss in this family/community this year… unless we act now.

This great woman Asio Annet, is the Matriarch of the church in Gongonyo, Uganda and survivor of the late Bishop Moses Obeke who helped us establish our efforts to save the lives of orphans in Uganda. This Widow is responsible for many things, including 16 orphans. 6 of those are from the late Bishops Brother who died in a Boda Boda (motorcycle) crash in January 2019. She (In the red head wrap) is overwhelmed with responsibilities and is also, currently, very sick.

She contracted TB and has a few other complications. I know she will pass soon if we don’t help. We need to keep her alive to help care for this family and her village who have suffered so much loss this year!! She has no one else to help.

Just us.

I am, with permission from the African leadership team, asking for $300 emergency funds from you, my friends and faithful ministry partners. Any gift today will be matched up to $100 toward getting this wonderful woman healthy.

Donate securely here.

Link will take you to Kodesh Mishkan Ministry Group PayPal donation. You can use a debit or Cc. One time gift or monthly recurring gifts. You do not need a paypal account. We are a registered 501c3 dedicated to help in non toxic ways to the people of Africa, among our many efforts.

We are also helping up to 400 orphans in the Eastern regions of Uganda where no other help is coming. Any monthly donations will help these children get the basic life saving needs we are committed to sending.

We are so happy that many have joined us to save nearly 50 critically ill, and many many more malnourished children in 2018! We are seeing so much goodness shared since we started this emergency service.

Thank you donors! Any assistance financially will be utilized for urgent orphan and widow care! We pray for the salvation and blessing of every donor continually here in the USA and also at the orphanage and churches of our ministers in Uganda. Yes, YOU are being covered in prayer by our Orphans in Uganda!

You can read more on this blog or feel free to ask questions.

More great reports are coming soon, so hop aboard this effort to be a part of it! I know those of us participating cannot express the amount of satisfaction it brings to us- even when we sacrifice so much to get it done.

Be assured we have amazing leadership on the ground who, like this woman, are Ugandan born. We are “teaching them to fish” so-to-speak and are getting continued education to them. We will be expanding our efforts to improve their self-sustainable programs once we have the basics of our commitments to help them survive 2019 met financially.

It is through the small donations of few we are seeing the miraculous turnaround of the need at Ebenezer Orphanage and several locations housing orphans and widows in Pallissa, Gongonyo and nearby regions.

If you feel like you can’t make a difference, think again! Every dollar you donate toward this emergency medicine today doubles.

And as always: a donation of $24 dollars will get one of our orphans housed and fed ALL YEAR! That’s $2 a month. I’ll make sure every penny of your donation goes directly to the need and not to administrative needs too!

$10 per month will forever change the destiny of an orphan! Medical and educational needs are added.

We will be rolling out a more extensive sponsorship program in 2020, but if you wish to know more, please ask us for specific requests.

This program was started as a result of a huge loss of life and a famine in the Eastern Ugandan area plus the ongoing efforts already underway by Bishop Hallan, our Bishop to Africa.

More art going up for sale to help UGANDA!

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Once again, I’m looking for those who would help me keep our Orphans and Widows Ministry open.

Buy my artwork and help impoverished orphans and Widows in Uganda stay housed and well fed – $190, $90 and even $40 donation levels.

Please message me here or on FB if interested! Help spread the word too! Thank you for your help!!

Your subject choice after consultation.

Summer artwork raises funds for Ugandan Refuge

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It’s still true:

Our ministers and their families, the orphans and workers, the the members of the 30 bush congregations in our care are very much in need of your charity.

I’m offering artwork as a fundraiser. $100 per original.

Here’s why:

There are many starving and becoming sick due to unclean water and other health issues, there are few with electricity and fewer eating well. Many are living in mud huts in the rural areas where crops have failed. Orphans are an epidemic due to AIDs and other issues. Widows often have no extended family or community to care for them and there is no government programs taking care of the need. In April of this year, 5 Ministers and their families began to move into the KMMG Refuge, a Main Campus in Kampala with running water, toilets and a gated playground and school for up to 300 children! This is amazing for them, however, Lack of beds and other essentials, plus transportation and moving costs as well as a rainy season have combined to make it difficult to keep fires burning in the kitchens where life giving meals are being served to orphans, widows and very needy members of our KMMG group in Uganda Africa.

We currently have precious few donors being faithful.

Out of the $1600 per month that is pledged, less than half of that is consistently coming in, which means I am sacrificing much of my income (my families meager funds) just to pay for the buildings that house the ministers and the orphans.

It broke my heart when I learned they could not turn on the electricity and water in May and June. This is WHY we moved them to this location.

So I’m adding something new:

Now, you can donate, or, if you prefer, order artwork to frame by artist Shaun Hays for $100 plus shipping. Shaun will send you an invoice where you can pay by credit card, bank transfer, or send check/money order. All the proceeds will go to our Uganda ministry.

Any idea for your artwork? Comment below or see the contact information for this site.