Help Needed – Uganda

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Please help us fund one of our selected projects or donate to the general fund which will be used for the most urgent needs. We need your help to save many lives and even a few dollars today will make a huge difference in Uganda!

Click here to give any amount – yes even a tiny amount is very helpful!

November 6, 2017 I headed to Uganda to help an indigenous Ugandan Bishop (KMMG) attend to his rounds in several rural villages. He is very active and from my observations, puts most ministers to shame with his efforts on Christ’s behalf.

The Purpose of my trip -Discussing the needs of his Orphans and widows primarily and also the progress of teaching the village pastors sound doctrine. There is much need including poverty, poor health, and lack of modern tools, buildings etc. While all of Uganda is beautiful, only some modern amenities are available, mostly, to a few in Urban places or tourist spots. We desire to help the poor who need and want assistance to become self sufficient. The villages I am visiting have had no major group to help them. I desire to connect them with those who can help.

I will update you all with what I have experienced and what beneficial actions we wish to pursue.

I keep none of your donations or even a percentage. KMMG does not keep anything donated toward Uganda. We give everything to the ministry and care of the Orphans and widows In Uganda.

Click here to give any amount – yes even a tiny amount is very helpful!



Please donate to help us reach the truly hurting in Uganda Africa.

$10 feeds a family for a month $100 feeds an Orphanage for a month!



Every CENT is greatly appreciated and will be applied to this trip. As faithful servants, we will pray for all your needs to be met in Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Here is my Ministry Page with KMMG – 

includes a donation Link – via Paypal

God Bless you all! Thank you for helping me reach Rural Uganda for God!

Rev. Shaun A Hays

KMMG Missions Coordinator

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