Join my Prayer Team

Here are the most pressing needs for you and your groups to cover.

Safety during travels and while engaging other cultures, political climates, governments and opposing religious individuals and groups. I cross borders and travel to places where we have little experience and connections. Prayers for my safety and that of anyone I am with are critical. My family joins you and sends their gratitude.

Good Health – The Lord is great and merciful and has extended my life on earth after being diagnosed with several ailments including enlarged heart issues and Chronic Kidney Disease. We praise God for His healing touch and answered prayers but we are ever aware that stress and lack of sleep or bad food or water can change everything in a moment. I have had broken bones and other health issues while overseas – I do my best not to complain, but it is not at all like all Americans are used to. Sometimes you will get no medical treatment at all.

Open and Shut Doors – I need miraculous intervention to allow me to go to the most needy and those we can help the most. I also need to not be in bad situations that will only waste time and efforts. These events will discourage everyone, so, I need to meet the right people and ask the right questions… to KNOW the right information to proceed in any and all circumstances I encounter. It changes continuously with each local indigenous minister, country, government and trip. This leads to my next request:

Wisdom – Together with the presbytery of the Kodesh Mishkan Ministry Group we are currently guiding Bishop Hallan through very complicated and dire circumstances. Only the wisdom of God almighty will be sufficient for this effort. We are humbly asking for His continued guidance

 Financial Donations and Work Income – Simply> We can’t go without the funds.

All donations go toward the trip and any projects we undertake. It will not go toward my personal expenses back home or toward frivolities associated with Western Culture. We will make every effort to keep you informed about how your help is needed, as well as to report back specifically My wife and I make financial sacrifices and work hard to pay my family’s expenses by odd jobs, commissioned art, toffee sales and public speeches. We do as much as possible to lower our expenses and learn more to (to update)

We team with other family members and friends to make our home base in America one of Biblical stewardship and to not depend on the donations of those wishing their money to go to missions.

Why do we need your donations?  – I do not have a ministry budget nor do I take a check from anyone for these efforts unless you donate to them. All the money in 2018 is going directly to our efforts in Uganda – specifically to Bishop Hallan to use as we direct.

If you wish to be more involved: please contact me here.

Prayer – you can be included in the daily and weekly prayer requests updates etc., Please send a message letting me know how best to do that. Currently, I am promoting my new Facebook Group for prayer, (to update) I am thinking it may be most effective, but, I am open to other ideas that are easy to use and I can update while on the global circuit.

Missions Trips with Rev. Shaun Hays: If you wish to be involved in the actual travels, we will be updating everyone in the future when we have a trip or event where that is wanted and needed. Currently, many possibilities are before us and discussions are underway. If you have experience in these areas, please inform me to what degree you have served, and what level of participation you wish to pursue. I will ask that you provide references from other groups and their leaders before considering anyone for roles of any responsibility.

Along with trips to ensure sound doctrine is being taught in our affiliated groups and that the handbook is being followed by leadership, we will have “Servant Trips”.

Servant Trips will be generally for anyone who is  able bodied and willing. There may be not-so-easy-to-learn tasks assigned to you before or during the trip. Your usual skillset and gifts may or may not be utilized in part or in full. You may be asked to clean dirty toilets or similar tasks. You may be scraping paint or carrying stones. You may be serving food or praying for children or elderly. You will most likely be asked to do uncomfortable things for you. There may also be a time we ask you to use your specific skillset, but in a way you are not used to doing it.

These trips are for anyone who: accepts our KMMG Biblical Servant training preparation (to update) , fulfills all required pre-trip assignments (including any fundraising required), and is approved by myself and the Presbytery at the intake meeting as well as at our final Pre-departure meeting. YOU MUST fulfill all requirements we ask of you, or expect that your trip departure with us will be changed to one of the following  – cancellation, replacement or delay. Any funds raised on your behalf for a specific trip may or may not be discussed directly with donors if a decision to change your trip status is made.

We will be pursuing “Humanitarian Trips” that will have larger impact to the health and wellbeing of those who simply cannot help themselves and teaching those who can to step into a bigger role of serving for the good of the community where they live.

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