Am I Sincere?

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I work in a secular (non religious) workplace where talking about my faith in Jesus Christ is not needed to accomplish my tasks. I have simply made an agreement for pay and benefits in exchange for certain daily responsibilities. I routinely go above and beyond the minimum required of me and have received many remarks from those in authority over me at my warehouse, offices and those visiting from the parent company. I do my best all the time.

It is well known in professional settings that most do not appreciate discussions of politics and religion so I avoid this routinely especially if anyone shows resistance to it when it inevitably comes up. However, it is hardly a secret to those around me that I hold Christian beliefs. Many in these settings, however, have no idea to what degree my beliefs are sincere, since lengthy discussions are often difficult except on rare occasions. It is even more rare for the conversation to be about my beliefs about God and the Bible.

Sometimes, I talk about my work in Uganda as a way of easing people into the subject as it is full of fascinating stories that produce many questions in the listener. I also can quickly gage if they are truly resistant to the subject, cautiously wary of the subject or mostly comfortable.

Now, my evangelical friends will generally have already assumed I’m failing God for not preaching the good news at every opportunity. I assure you; I have indeed led many to Christ in private settings as well as in very very public ones as an evangelist.

My faith in God is sincere. My study of the scriptures is extensive. I have shared Christ in many nations on multiple continents, islands, in the air and at sea. However, I practice good business behavior too.

I seek to please my Father in Heaven while seeking to be the first person at work people point to for an example of what is best. Admittedly, I fail at both from time to time.

My way of living, speaking, praying and worshipping may not look to some like theirs, but it is in fact and emphatically sincere.

For to me: to live, is Christ and to die is gain. My heavenly reward is to spend eternity in the presence of my creator.

It is difficult to balance that with daily responsibilities and family, but we all do it with the help of Gods Spirit.