Month: June 2018

Summer artwork raises funds for Ugandan Refuge

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It’s still true:

Our ministers and their families, the orphans and workers, the the members of the 30 bush congregations in our care are very much in need of your charity.

I’m offering artwork as a fundraiser. $100 per original.

Here’s why:

There are many starving and becoming sick due to unclean water and other health issues, there are few with electricity and fewer eating well. Many are living in mud huts in the rural areas where crops have failed. Orphans are an epidemic due to AIDs and other issues. Widows often have no extended family or community to care for them and there is no government programs taking care of the need. In April of this year, 5 Ministers and their families began to move into the KMMG Refuge, a Main Campus in Kampala with running water, toilets and a gated playground and school for up to 300 children! This is amazing for them, however, Lack of beds and other essentials, plus transportation and moving costs as well as a rainy season have combined to make it difficult to keep fires burning in the kitchens where life giving meals are being served to orphans, widows and very needy members of our KMMG group in Uganda Africa.

We currently have precious few donors being faithful.

Out of the $1600 per month that is pledged, less than half of that is consistently coming in, which means I am sacrificing much of my income (my families meager funds) just to pay for the buildings that house the ministers and the orphans.

It broke my heart when I learned they could not turn on the electricity and water in May and June. This is WHY we moved them to this location.

So I’m adding something new:

Now, you can donate, or, if you prefer, order artwork to frame by artist Shaun Hays for $100 plus shipping. Shaun will send you an invoice where you can pay by credit card, bank transfer, or send check/money order. All the proceeds will go to our Uganda ministry.

Any idea for your artwork? Comment below or see the contact information for this site.