Month: February 2018

February – True Love

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Thank you to all who donated to keep Bishop Hallan’s Orphanage open. We are currently in possession of 2017s bill that reads “Paid in Full”- Hallelujah!

I (Rev. Shaun Hays ) am lobbying for Uganda’s Hungry children. I just returned from an exhaustive trip where I toured the work ongoing by native pastors. The need is great and we have a long road, but our dollars are truly make big changes there.

This is what I call TRUE LOVE!

Currently we are helping Bishop Hallan meet the most urgent needs to feed the orphans at Ebenezer Orphanage and several rural schools in Pallisa District of Rural Uganda. Total funds needed immediately to pay the total Orphanage rent for 2018 is only $1120.00 – and then we will be done and able to work toward other goals!

Even a few dollars is a good donation. In fact, the entire back rent for 2017 was paid by small donations in only a few weeks time. We are already moving forward and energized to get past this last hurdle.

The rent is typically paid up front in this region unlike in the USA where we pay month to month.

Once we have 2018 paid and receipt in hand, we will continue with basic needs (Water, Food, medicine) and the second Stage of our efforts for Bishop Hallan.