Haiti Mission – 2018

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Benitho is graduating from Bible School this May, 2018!

Until I can visit him in person, and see his efforts firsthand, I cannot officially ask for any financial support for his efforts. I do believe that the Lord has put him on my heart to encourage and to pray…

I am asking you to pray for him and to visit his site here. He is reporting good things as he helps the orphans in his community, but needs help as soon as we can make something happen. He says many still need clothes, food and medicine. Educational materials will be helpful as he has established a small school hut for the orphans in his village.

Please keep Benitho and his ministry to Haitian orphans in your prayers. We are monitoring the Alerts coming from the State Department on the safety for my first upcoming trip (dates withheld). We are praying about our endeavors to help him provide a safe environment for his community.

Meanwhile, if Haiti is on your heart, and you wish to give this young minister some help he desperately needs, please donate to the fact finding mission trip here. This trip will involve meeting Benitho and his family, the orphans, the church(es) he is assisting and preparing a report and plans to move forward efficiently.

In a few short months God has used us to radically change the outcome of a large group of people in rural Uganda, improving their living conditions, education, churches and orphanage care. We have fed hundreds upon hundreds and continue to move toward our goal of many thousands progressing toward the ultimate goal: a healthy, sustainable and self sufficient Christian Community in the Northern and Eastern regions of Uganda.

As we continue to gain momentum in Uganda, we would like to begin this effort in Benitho’s region of Haiti, as well.

I thank you in advance and ask for your prayers that God would grant me wisdom.

Rev. Shaun A. Hays