Urgent Developments:

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6 am CST – just learned that Bishop Hallan’s Orphans are in immediate dire need. The property owner learned a white American came and assumes I am wealthy, so, has begun to harass our Bishop for the owed money and threatens to evict the orphans.

$1300 (approx) is owed for the total rent of the Orphanage and he also wants the rent for 2018 NOW. He says they have until December 15.

Our plans were to raise money to pay for one year and work very hard to get the back pay asap. We are out of time!

Please help in anyway you can: donate.

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Yes there is still great and urgent needs, but, what we have seen happen has been an amazing transformation! Thank you to everyone who has prayed and donated to help save this orphanage and improve the life of all who call it home!