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Currently Shaun is done traveling to festivals that have commissioned his art as centerpieces for 2014. Thank you we had a great year!

Egypt was a Huge success and loads of fun... You can see pictures on his Facebook Fan page.

Shaun constructed an amazing 3D illusion for the 2014
MACY's Flower Show on State St. in Chicago.

Shaun was hired to promote
Ashton Kutcher's new Movie: "Jobs" in NYC. Three installments were done in Manhattan by Shaun Hays. Shaun pioneered yet another new way to seal his Chalk art so that pedestrian traffic would be unihibited. Thousands of people everyday walked, and rolled over his artwork. Several days later, it looked fantastic! Shaun is calling these works Chalk-Walkers (tm). Now, Shaun's works can also withstand EVEN RAIN*! The new process allows the public to enjoy his work year-round*! See more by clicking on this link.

Shaun's chalk Art tribute to the first responders of the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001 was featured during the "Chalk Urban Art Fest" in
Australia. In 2012, Shaun created the world's first (and still - ONLY) functioning QR Code done in 3D chalk! "I wasn't sure that was humanly possible!", said Shaun about his featured work. Shaun became the first 3D chalk artist to grace the floors of the world famous McCormick Place in Chicago. It is  America's largest convention center.  Shaun has been featured at Navy Pier, North Beach, Lincoln Park, Lollapolooza, The John Hancock Plaza  and many other prominent Chicago Lakefront sites. Shaun is still working on Chicago's first International Chalk Art Festival on the Lake but efforts have stalled and we will most likely not be seeing this dream until 2015. Details to come.

Shaun's theme this year is "Leveling Up!" - unleashing the best you! Shaun has been speaking to great acclaim at business leadership conferences and expos.  Schools across the country, k-12 and colleges, are utilizing his unique communication skills to improve the educational experience of students and community. Shaun is speaking at National Conventions adding to his impressive list of clientele.


Ethan Alexander Hays was born to Faith and Shaun Hays on January 30th, 2012 just after midnight. He weighed 9 lbs, 4 oz and was 21.5 inches long. He is adorable. Shaun posts pictures of him all the time on Facebook if you want to see his chubby cheeks. Ethan was already featured on a t-shirt for Audiofeed Music Festival and was photographed for upcoming publications of Del Nor Hospital, in Geneva, IL. He is now 1 year and just photographed officially by Jimi Allen Studios in Aurora, IL.
Please visit to purchase custom Metal or Acrylic Prints, Printed  Canvases, iPhone Cases and more! . Meanwhile Shaun has been offering rare original artwork on Facebook every month. Go like his page you can be in on the offers!

shaunhays Chicago Chalk Champ Art at Macys Shaun Hays Chalk Rocks Shaun Hays Illustrated Ashton Kutchers' Jobs Poster in Manhattan, NYC Shaun Hays Art For Hot Chocolate 5K Chicago Shaun Hays, 3D Chalk Art Champion Shaun Hays Draws a 3D chalk picture of the Chicago Bean for Hilton Conference.
Chalk Champ News
Who is Shaun Hays?

Chicago and (Inter)National Chalk Art Master

Speed canvas performances, 3D Chalk illusions

A professional, established presenter

Winner of the 2012 Culture Impact Award, Shaun is used by
Educational Groups, National Conventions, Expos, Government
Organizations and Charities to be the face and voice of their
group in key moments of challenge. He has great leadership
skill and keen insight.

A speaker who engages your audience with an
attitude altering message

You will love Shaun's charisma and honesty! He tackles
Challenging topics with fresh perspectives for amazing results.

An unforgettable entertainment Value

Shaun's ability to entertain any age group seems to have no
end. From his world-class, live artistry to his moving story
telling, comical theatrics, commanding voice and non-stop
energy... You simply will never forget him!

Direct Booking by email -
or call for personal service:
1 (312) 233-2620

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