The victories continue!

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Quick post:

Hallelujah! We have secured a new facility for the orphans of Ebenezer which will now give them access to clean water, good rooms, concrete floors, closer proximity to all things they need by roads and even electrical service from the pole next to the building (when we raise enough). We will be staffing a full school at the facility and bringing some of our orphans from other locations. Our expenses will indeed go up but we are getting a priceless return! This was our goal for Ebenezer Orphanage in the Palissa district of Uganda nearly 2 years ago. God is faithful!

However, we typically are $400-500 short of our promised donations, so my wife and I make up the majority of that from personal finances. We cannot keep doing that. It is hurting us. We really need more of you to be faithful in the small things and keep the consistency of monthly giving. We also need some special gifts. Right now we need $200 for some food supplies at the new Orphanage and someone to do an amazing thing to transform the ministry altogether… our bishop is asking for an old used motorcycle to make the journeys with bags of food.