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Shaun A Hays

April, 2018

Please Help!

Today I am asking for your help!

I’m trying to be respectful and not do this too much, but I cannot hold my tongue today. The need is dire:

– But first, some good news –

I want to tell you about all the great successes so far in Uganda, Africa at Ebeneezer Orphanage and the new headquarters of all we are doing in Kampala and the North Eastern regions of Uganda. (You can read about that here.) There has been so much good but our workers and orphans have had unexpected expenses making it difficult to keep them housed and fed well in April. We need $700 donated in the next two weeks! They are in desperate need.

I have verified their needs myself by going there in November.

Shaun Hays assessing the need in rural Pallisa, Uganda, Africa as Missions Coordinator, for Kodesh Mishkan Ministry Group, November 2017
Shaun Hays assessing the need in rural Pallisa, Uganda, Africa as Missions Coordinator, for Kodesh Mishkan Ministry Group, November 2017

There are many starving and becoming sick due to unclean water and other health issues, there are few with electricity and fewer eating well. Many are living in mud huts in the rural areas where crops have failed. Orphans are an epidemic due to AIDs and other issues. Widows often have no extended family or community to care for them and there is no government programs taking care of the need.

In April of this year, 5 Ministers and their families began to move into the KMMG Refuge, a Main Campus in Kampala with running water, toilets and a gated playground and school for up to 300 children! This is amazing for them, however, Lack of beds and other essentials, plus transportation and moving costs as well as a rainy season have combined to make it difficult to keep fires burning in the kitchens where life giving meals are being served to orphans, widows and very needy members of our KMMG group in Uganda Africa.


The donations we get from you are going to the ministry of B. Hallan Otim who oversees the work of the church in Kampala as well as 30+ bush churches in Pallisa District and 6 other districts. He also oversees the work of the Ebenezer Orphanage and various sites where nearly 1000 orphans and widows are scattered. This man is covering about a third of his country with real-world gospel love. Among his other concerns is ensuring his ministers are equipped to teach and preach correct theology to those in his care. Many of his ministers do not even have Bibles or schooling and that is what we are intending to do…to equip the saints… but we must help Hallan to create a healthy and safe environment as well.

Among the costs of various buildings and the transportation needs he has, there are needs for clothing, mattresses, medicine, food, Clean water sources, firewood, educational supplies and kitchen supplies. Many have no income at all and those who do are severely limited in their opportunities. Most families live on a meager $1- $2 per week! How they do it is beyond our ability to fathom.

Can you imagine the life of an impoverished family living off Less than $100 per year??

I have seen it firsthand. I have also seen the incredible sacrifices of my dear friend; B. Hallan – who gives himself daily to the needs of those in his region. Hallan walks up to 20-30 miles in a day to check on the orphans and widows of his ministry. He conducts training sessions and services to raise up leaders and ministers in the distant rural villages and assigns work to those who qualify. He displays the Gospel of Jesus Christ in tangible ways to all around him. He is humble and passionate about this work.

The needs are great and we could really use a budget of $20,000 per year to truly and radically change the outcome of the people under Hallan’s care, but we are going to be faithful with our small beginnings.

I am his voice to you. He cannot ask you himself but I can do it; Will you help him to feed the hungry? We cannot visit these beautiful people daily, but Hallan and his ministers can. Will you help him to visit and encourage those widowed and left as orphans by disease and famine? Will you donate to give them a warm fire and food today? We know that God will honor your gift and see that it is multiplied.

Again, we need $700 as soon as possible so Hallan can pay first of the month rents etc…and yes, this is all done through the legitimate legal means of the KMMG 501c3. NOT A PENNY is going toward any admin costs or ministry/charity here in the US… it is going directly to the need.

I thank each and everyone of you who took the time to read this. Please pray for B. Hallan and myself as we work on the ongoing needs of those afflicted by Africa’s worst famine since 1945. 

Monthly Support is our greatest need in 2018:

Can you give $20 a month

(takes you to KMMG donation page for me: S Hays)

-or- one time gift of $50 to $100?

(takes you to YouCaring donation page for Ebenezer Orphanage)

Your small but needed gift very much saves lives in Uganda!


  • Pay for housing Ebeneezer Orphans
  • pay for the main campus in Kampala (church, head office, refuge)
  • most urgent needs