Uganda Mission 2020

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In 2017, the ministers of Kodesh Mishkan Ministry Group (501c3) heeded a “Macedonian-call“ from the Ugandan Rev. Hallan Otim who had been praying for connection to a scripturally solid ministry, to learn from, and partner with, in the United States.

The ministry of Rev. Hallan Otim is serious and manifold in many remote areas of Uganda where Bibles are scarce, and basic human needs are even more so. He has, with Gods help, single-handedly started over 30 bush churches and continually visits these remote villages, often on foot if he cannot find a bicycle to borrow.

After nearly a year of remote relationship building, KMMG Missions Coordinator, Rev. Shaun Hays, flew to Entebbe, Uganda to witness the stories firsthand.

“The continuing ministry of Rev Hallan is built around James 1:27- to care for the orphans and the widows in their distress. I have never witnessed a more literal undertaking of scripture and such a committed group of ministers in all my travels. I have so much to learn from them!”

While the ministers are very committed and enthusiastically carrying the Gospel to remote villages, they acknowledge their lack of training and are seeking more ministry resources from us. This involves: Bibles, writings, and educational lesson plans in English and their various tribal languages.

However, Rev Hays witnessed a greater, more immediate need during his travels with Rev Hallan to several sites.

“Upon arrival to the Ebenezer Orphanage, I learned that no one sponsors this place. No group sends money. The government ignores their need. Rev Hallan, thru fasting and prayer alone, finds small amounts of food and (less than pure) water to bring. A handful of volunteers tend to well over 100 children at this site with no mattresses, no medical attention, no clean water source and often not enough food. Many of the children under the age of 5 had Cholera, Malaria or even HIV/AIDS. They are all hungry. They are all beautiful. They are all alone …save one man.”

Until now.

We have joined the efforts of Rev. Hallan to change the way he is able to minister to the needs of these children and continue to partner with he and his ministers in these remote villages.

In the last month of 2017, we put out the plea to help the Ebenezer Orphans, calling this partnership “Uganda One”, as it was our first priority in Uganda. Our precious friends responded and we raised enough money to pay the years’ back rent on the property, and to give the Children and workers a Christmas Feast! We were also able to get some critical medical attention to some of the children!

In 2018, we raised funds to pay monthly rent and get food, clean water delivery and firewood at the orphanage and found a new central office of operations for Rev Hallan (now officially KMMGs African Bishop!) to coordinate his efforts throughout six districts. We provided a safe haven for Muslim converts to receive discipleship, an educational center with playground for ministers’ kids and residences with plumbing and electricity for five of the poorest KMMG ordained ministers’ families. We provided smart phones and a tablet for the ministry and best of all…

We were able to get emergency medical care for Bishop Hallan’s youngest daughter, “Blessing Otim” when she contracted Malaria and they were quickly losing her.

Hallan continues to travel to see widows, pray with them and bring them food. He visits the orphanage at Ebenezer and several schools that have taken in some our orphans. He brings food when he can to help the schools as they teach our future Ugandan leaders.

We saw the near weekly loss of orphaned children to malnutrition, dehydration and diseases all but STOPPED! Praise God!

Among many of the great stories we now have, B Hallan Otim has been conducting ongoing training conferences for up to 60 KMMG associated ministers with our materials, and has many ministers from other groups clamoring to join.

The lovely people in our KMMG churches/ministries in Uganda continuously tell us that they are praying and fasting (several days, dry fasting) for us and all the donors who remember them with their financial gifts.

They are asking for our help to make this vision of Bishop Hallan Otim a reality:

-that his orphans and widows would know that someone in America loves them and prays for them. That all his ministers families would have health and that there would be food to give the hungry. That their ministry could have a car someday and that their children will know God.

We don’t think that’s too much to ask.

We are dedicated to non-toxic missions efforts that will help our people in Uganda become self sustainable. We have a goal of replicating this throughout Africa and the world, but we are at a crucial moment this year.

B. Hallan is a super great minister who’s helping so many hurting people without enough money to get the job done right.

We’d love to see his efforts rewarded and increased every year. By end of 2020, we want to see full sponsorship of every Ebenezer orphan, a jobs training program, a vehicle for the ministers to share, portable PA and music outreach, and a fresh well dug for clean water wherever they need it most.

and every little bit helps-

In fact, the very smallest amount … really does help and we make sure every single penny gets to them by covering all administrative expenses out of our own pockets.

How can I Help?

The most effect way you can help is by a faithful monthly donation. Small, regular giving from many, helps more than a large one time gift.

Give to the Ebenezer Orphanage

$2 per month – $24 per year

One orphan – food, water and housing for the month.

$7 per month – $84

One orphan – food, housing, clean water, clothes, educational opportunities and a mattress to sleep on!

$15 per month – $180

gets them all this, plus special medical attention as many are susceptible to diseases.

You can choose – orphan – widow


minister (and family) to support at these rates.